Disney Pixar prepare 20th anniversary Blu-ray collection boxes

This ultimate Disney Pixar bumper box set will keep fans of the animation film studio entertained for hours.

A whopping 14 movies have been given the Blu-ray makeover in this special limited edition collection, including our own personal family favourites, Up and Ratatouille.

The 22-disc set also includes the Toy Story trilogy, The IncrediblesBrave, A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, Cars and Cars 2, Wall-E, Monsters Inc and its sequel Monsters University. There are also two Pixar Short Film Collections. 

An alternative even bigger 20th anniversary collection is being issued in Germany – 20 in total, adding some rock-solid Disney classics like Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast to the more recent Pixar titlesThis set is packaged differently, in this smart celebration box.

20th Anniversary Disney Pixar Bluray Celebration Box Set from Germany

The Germany set is out on 24 October, while the UK’s Pixar collection hits the ‘shops’ on 11 November 2013.

Disney Pixar Complete Collection (14 films / 22 discs)
• UK Pre-order: Disney Pixar Complete Collection [Blu-ray]

Disney Pixar 20th Anniversary Collection (20 films)

• GERMANY Pre-order: 20 Disney and Pixar – Animations Hits

Disney Pixar prepare anniversary Blu-ray box sets

UK collection

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4 responses to Disney Pixar prepare 20th anniversary Blu-ray collection boxes

  1. Bert says:

    I don’t see anything particularly “ultimate” a bout a box set that includes 1BD releases for movies that have 2BD releases in the US (Incredibles, Monsters University,…).

    I’ve really grown to dislike Disney’s releases. Why can’t Europe have the same 2BD releases as the US?

    • Osko says:

      22 discs for 14 movies and 2 shorts collections, that leaves 6 discs unaccounted. Maybe they are the bonus discs?

      • jonathan789 says:

        Besides Cars Toons and 2 Pixar Shorts discs, there is 2nd special features disc for Monsters inc, Wall-E, Toy Story 3, Cars 2 & Brave!

  2. jonathan789 says:

    Just received this fantastic set, which even includes a few bonus discs as well. If you go to and enter code ZV16127166 when opening a new account then 5% discount will apply to EVERYTHING in you shopping cart, including this fantastic Pixar bluray collection. You can combine other deals with this one, like save £5 if you spend £50.

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