Hitchcock: The Ultimate Filmmaker Collection on Blu-ray

Hitchcock The Ultimate Filmmaker Collection

If you bought the limited edition version of last year’s The Masterpiece Collection then you have permission to feel aggrieved, since this new Alfred Hitchcock ‘Ultimate Filmmaker Collection’ has similarities in terms of presentation and includes Vertigo, which was missing from the 2012 set.

On the other hand, if you don’t own any Hitchcock on blu-ray and are tempted to splash out, this is the one to go for. Smartly packaged in individual film cans, this collection of Alfred Hitchcock movies on Blu-ray includes 16 classics such as Psycho, The Birds and the Man That Knew Too Much, showcasing more than 34 years of filmmaking from the king of suspense.

Fans not only get the films digitally restored in high definition, but this set also comes with a host of extras.

Included in the collection is a 16-page companion booklet, movie poster art cards, new original letters, a storyboard and much more.

Hitchcock The Masterpiece Collection US

The US version of last year’s Masterpiece Collection is still available and that does include Vertigo as well as more than 15 hours of bonus features.

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