Men In Black Trilogy / Deluxe Giftset with Worm Figurine

Men In Black Trilogy Combo Gift Set with Worm Figurine

North America version

Men In Black Trilogy is a combo giftset which features all three movies on Blu-ray along with Ultraviolet Digital versions. It is due for release on 30 November 2012.

US Pre-order: Men in Black/Men in Black 2/Men in Black 3 Giftset with Worm Figurine (Blu-ray + UltraViolet Digital Copies)

A Canadian edition is bilingual (French/English) and has different packaging. Amazon suggests this comes with DVDs but cannot find any evidence to support this. Looks similar to the German offering (see below).

Men In Black Trilogy blu-ray with worm figurine

Canadian Edition

CANADA PRE-ORDER: Men in Black Trilogy: Limited Edition Collector’s Set

There is an GERMAN version of this limited box set which is exclusive to and is already available. No digital versions, but it comes with the figurine and solid packaging with six postcards. The blu-ray discs are region free. See video below.

Men In Black Trilogy blu-ray with worm figurine

German version (out now)

• GERMANY ORDER: Men in Black 1-3, Alien Pack (Limited Edition)

There is no special box for the UK just a standard set. Ordering the region-free German box would probably be the recommended route if you want the gift set.

Men In Black Blu-ray trilogy

UK box

UK ORDER: Men in Black I-III — Limited Edition Digipack (Blu-ray) [Region Free]

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