Oblivion / limited edition blu-ray steelbook coming in August

Oblivion Blu-ray Steelbook / Tom Cruise

Panoramic steelbook artwork

Universal release a region-free limited edition blu-ray steelbook of Oblivion in the UK on 19 August.

Oblivion Blu-ray / Tom Cruise

US Blu-ray cover

This sci-fi blockbuster stars Tom Cruise as an ex-soldier working on a battle-ruined future Earth. Despite a very strong opening weekend box office in the US of over $37m, the movie ultimately failed to break the ‘magic’ $100m barrier in America. Oblivion did get reasonably positive reviews, however, and Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski’s movie should fare well on  home video.

The US offer a triple-play Blu-ray + DVD + Digital edition rather than the Steelbook with a commercial, rather than artistic front cover.

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