Out This Week / 15 July 2013

John Cassavetes / Killing Of A Chinese Bookie

Cassavetes / Killing of a Chinese Bookie (Blu-ray+DVD)

High Definition premiere on UK’s BFI label, of John Cassavetes 1976 film, The Killing of a Chinese Bookie. This blu-ray includes the original (135 mins) and the shorter (108mins) cuts and includes a DVD version too. A limited run of 1000 units includes a third DVD with the 1993 documentary feature Anything for John, the 1982 short The Haircut, starring Cassavetes, and an interview with The Haircut director Tamar Hoffs.

Defiance / Season One blu-ray

Defiance – Season One

Defiance is a US Science Fiction TV series which premiered in Spring this year on the SyFy channel. This blu-ray includes all 12 episodes of season one (the pilot is a two-parter, so technically 13 episodes). Comes with only modest extras (gag reel, deleted scenes).

Lord Of The Flies Criterion Collection

Peter Brooks 1963 adaptation of William Goldings’ classic novel about a planeload of schoolboys stranded on a tropical island. This is a new, restored 4K digital film transfer, with uncompressed mono soundtrack. Special features include and audio commentary featuring director Peter Brook, producer Lewis Allen, and director of photography Tom Hollyman, and audio recordings of William Golding reading from the novel accompanied by the corresponding scenes from the film. This is a region A disc, so won’t work in Europe unless your player is region-free.

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