OUT THIS WEEK / 18 Nov 2013

Dexter Final Season Blu-ray

Dexter – The Final Season: Will he or won’t he get away with it? That’s the question all fans of the show will be asking, as this Blu-ray release of the eighth and final season of the US crime drama brings the story to its nail biting conclusion. It follows the grim life of the eponymous Dexter; a vigilante blood splatter analyst who seeks justice killing unconvicted murderers and other serial killers.

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One response to OUT THIS WEEK / 18 Nov 2013

  1. Just think for a minute about fitting 26 episodes of Star Trek, each of them 50 minutes long, onto a single disc. Does that sound possible?

    You’ve trusted the amazon listings page too much – there are six discs in the set, as shown here:

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