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Ghostbusters: Gift Set (US Import)

Ghostbusters I and II complete with a Slimer figurine and bonus collector’s material celebrating 30 years since the classic ghoulish tale first splattered across our screens.


Spartacus: The Complete Collection (13-disc set)

The entire Spartacus  back catalog featuring all the sex, gore and political intrigue you could ever wish for in a gladiator’s tale, with four seasons spread across 13 discs.


Stage Fright / Limited Edition

A limited edition collector’s issue of the 1987 horror focused on a troupe of dancers locked into their studio in the company of a deranged serial killer. Newly restored and never-before-seen-footage.

Silent Deadly

Silent Night Deadly Night / 30th Anniversary

A 30th anniversary release for one of the 80s’ most over-the-top horror classics, you expect digitally remastered imagery and the full director’s cut, but only if you’ve been good this year…

Killer Clowns

Killer Klowns From Outer Space / SteelBook

A cheesy 80s horror throwback resurrected on blu-ray for the first time, complete with audio commentaries from cast and crew, interviews and a collectors’ featurette with behind the scenes footage.

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