Prometheus To Alien: The Evolution

Prometheus To Alien: The Evolution

Whenever you have a sequel (or prequel) to a ‘franchise’ movie series, one thing you just can guarantee is that a new box set will be released to incorporate the new release into a new ‘complete’ collection.

This is exactly what Fox have done with Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel, Prometheus. With Alien we have so far had Alien Legacy (VHS/DVD), Alien Quadrilogy (DVD) and Alien Anthology (Blu-ray). The forthcoming box set will be called Prometheus To Alien: The Evolution and will, of course, include all five movies.

This set comes with nine blu-ray discs including one for each of the first four Alien films, two supplementary bonus blu-rays, to cover 12 hours of bonus material, then PrometheusPrometheus 3D and Prometheus bonus disc.

You also get a T-shirt, an Art Of Prometheus book extract and a poster. These are out already in the UK an due on 27 November in North America and Canada.

Prometheus to Alien: Evolution Blu-ray box set

Limited edition version from (click to enlarge)

In Germany this is out on 7 December and can be pre-ordered below:

• GERMAN PRE-ORDER: Prometheus to Alien: The Evolution [Blu-ray]

Prometheus to Alien: The Evolution (Limited Edition)

  • • Alien [Blu-ray]
  • • Aliens – The Return [Blu-ray]
  • • Alien ³ [Blu-ray]
  • • Alien – Resurrection [Blu-ray]
  • • + 2 bonus discs [Blu-ray]
    • o Over 12 hours of bonus material
    • o Contains among others: Behind the Scenes footage, video diaries, interviews with all four Alien films
  • • Prometheus [3D Blu-ray]
  • • Prometheus [Blu-ray]
  • • Prometheus [Bonus Disc]
    • o 7 Bonus Material
    • Contains under include: audio commentary, alternate scenes, The Peter Weyland files, Second Screen app, development of Prometheus – Dark characters including Making-of clips
    • • including Digital Copy

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4 responses to Prometheus To Alien: The Evolution

  1. Jason says:

    Ah, but the French edition has no goodies, just the films. Bah!

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