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Out This Week / new releases

Ghostbusters: Gift Set (US Import) Ghostbusters I and II complete with a Slimer figurine and bonus collector’s material celebrating 30 years since the classic ghoulish tale first splattered across our screens. • USA Pre-order: Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters II Gift Set Spartacus: The Complete Collection … continue reading »

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“Withnail and I” Limited Edition box

Do you want one of the finest blu-ray releases known to humanity? Do you want it here? Do you want it now? Well you might be in luck, with a new Withnail and I limited edition four-disc dual format DVD and Blu … continue reading »

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OUT THIS WEEK / 4 Nov 2013

It’s a Wonderful Life 65th Anniversary Edition: Nothing marks Christmas quite like Frank Capra’s family favourite; It’s a Wonderful Life. This 65th Anniversary blu-ray edition includes a colourised and black and white version of the film starring James Stewart, plus a … continue reading »

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Alien Anthology: Limited edition set in glowing egg sculpture

Director Ridley Scott is treating fans to this definitive collectors’ edition blu-ray set of the complete anthology of his classic sci-fi horror Alien. Packaged inside this gruesome, illuminated egg sculpture, dubbed “The Guardian”, are two blu-ray cuts of each film, and … continue reading »

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Predator limited edition 3D blu-ray released in time for Christmas

Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s 1987 action sci-fi classic Predator has been given the 3D blu-ray treatment and is being issued in the run up to Christmas as this limited edition set, complete with crafted replica of the Predator head with removable mask. … continue reading »

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Mad Max / blu-ray collection in limited edition tin box set

Warner Home Video will release the three Mel Gibson Mad Max movies in this limited edition tin box on 12 August (in the UK). The gasoline can metal packaging is reminiscent of 15th anniversary DVD edition of Reservoir Dogs which … continue reading »

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E.T. Limited Spaceship Digibook Blu-ray set discounted

Amazon.co.uk will today heavily discount this superb E.T. – The Extra Terrestrial limited set (released only last month) as part of their Black Friday Deal Week. This Blu-ray set contains the original 1982 release, rather than the 20th Anniversary version with all … continue reading »

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Has anybody seen Sam Lowry? Remembering Brazil

It’s amusing to reflect on the fact that while Terry Gilliam was battling in LA to get his 1985 movie Brazil released, it was shown without fuss or fanfare in one of London’s premier cinemas – the Odeon Leicester Square. … continue reading »

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WIN a 30th Anniversary Blade Runner Blu-ray box set

Welcome to SuperDeluxeBluray.com! This blog will bring you news and reviews on the latest Blu-ray special editions, ressues and box sets, hopefully informing and entertaining as we go! We will be covering a wide range of releases from brand new … continue reading »

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Indiana Jones / Complete Adventures exclusive steelbook

This version of Indiana Jones – The Complete Adventures on Blu-ray is exclusive to Germany via amazon.de. It contains the same visual content as the european limited edition set but doesn’t come in the special ‘journal’ packaging with film cells and … continue reading »

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