The Sopranos Complete Collection


The Sopranos, the Don of all crime dramas is finally available in its entirety on blu-ray, complete with a wealth of extra content thrown in to appease the millions of would-be mafiosi worldwide who have come to know and love one of the late James Gandolfini’s greatest projects.

The 28 discs included in this collection boast all 86 episodes of the iconic show, with an additional five+ hours of bonus material exploring how the series came to be and a wealth of interviews with cast, crew and celebrities. Dig a little deeper and you’ll also find lost scenes, two round table dinners with cast and crew and a wealth of audio commentaries, making this the ultimate heist when it comes to securing your family some quality home entertainment.

At present The Sopranos Complete blu-ray collection retails is available for just over £90 in the UK. This region-free set appears good value for US fans who at the time of writing are being asked a criminal $234.99. This box is released on 8 September 2014 in the UK and a little later Stateside.



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2 responses to The Sopranos Complete Collection

  1. Bert says:

    Let’s hope they redid season one, because the BD that’s already out for that season is picture-wise far from great.

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