Yo! Breaking Bad / The Complete Series Deluxe Gift Set in Barrel

Breaking Bad / Complete Series Blu-ray Gift Set (click to enlarge)

Well, it’s all over now, BB.

No spoilers here, for those who’ve yet to experience the dangerously addictive highs of the US TV crime drama Breaking Bad, but whether you have watched every episode, or are still wondering what the fuss is about (can really be as good as everyone says it is?) you might be interested in this new Complete Series Deluxe Blu-ray Gift Set.

Wittily packaged in a black barrel (for the uninitiated: it makes sense, trust us), this contains the whole story – all five seasons on Blu-ray and includes the following:

  • • Collectible replica money barrel
  • • Over 55 hours of special features from all seasons
  • • All new two-hour documentary
  • • 16 page booklet with letter from Vince Gilligan
  • • Commemorative challenge coin designed by Vince Gilligan
  • • Los Pollos Hermanos apron

The limited edition Complete Series ‘Barrel’ Deluxe Gift Set of Breaking Bad is out on 25 November. For some reason, at the time of writing,  it’s not currently available on Amazon UK, so Germany is the best option if you wish to get an early order in!

• UK Pre-order: Breaking Bad:  Deluxe Gift Set [Blu-Ray]
• USA Pre-order: Breaking Bad: Deluxe Gift Set (+UltraViolet) [Blu-ray]
• CANADA Pre-order: Breaking Bad: Deluxe Series Gift Set [Blu-ray]
• GERMANY Pre-order: Breaking Bad –  Deluxe Gift Set [Blu-ray]

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5 responses to Yo! Breaking Bad / The Complete Series Deluxe Gift Set in Barrel

  1. yomamma says:

    if I was to buy the german breaking bad barrel box set will it be in german??

  2. hhan says:

    Do you know if the booklet is printed in German or English? Thanks

  3. Anon says:

    Will the booklet be in german?

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